Creative solutions with a twist

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Our Residential Projects

Discover a range of exceptional residential options under our various projects in the heart of Islamabad Capital Territory:

  1. Kashmir Model Town
  • Description: A flagship project known for its premium quality and prime location.
  • Location: G-15 / F-15 and F-15 Extension
  1. F-16
  • Description: A prestigious residential community offering modern living and convenience.
  • Location: F-16 Sector
  1. Residential Flats
  • Description: Stylish and comfortable flats designed for contemporary urban living.
  • Location: Varying locations within our projects
  1. Khyaban-e-Kashmir 2 (Zone V)
  • Description: An exclusive residential zone designed for a high-quality lifestyle.
  • Location: Zone V
  1. Khyaban-e-Kashmir 3 (Agro)
  • Description: An innovative agricultural project integrated with modern living.
  • Location: Agriculture-focused community
Our Projects